SEO is great, unless your SEO traffic is incorrect.  Imagine you were trying to sell apples in Las Vegas and above all of your page search results were links to the Apple store. You’re trying to sell “Apples Las Vegas” at least that’s your keyword – right? Wrong, very wrong. Even though Google is getting better about piecing together the intricacies of human speech patterns (read about the recent BERT update) , sometimes you have to spell it out more obviously for the search engines to get the type of traffic you really want and that your business needs.  

When Google is “confused” it will take a shot in the dark and deliver results based on search frequency.  Not a lot of “Apples Las Vegas” searching where the desired result is fruit.  So you get a map to all the Apple Stores, a few Apple products and lots of candy apple shopping results because – who doesn’t want a candy apple! 

In reality, the desired result was about fresh fruit – apples specifically. Way down on the page you’ll get a single, relevant to your search, result for Gilcrease Orchard


Now, Gilcrease Orchard doesn’t try to rank for apples – that term is just too broad. They also don’t really try to rank for Apples Las Vegas, too confusing (to Google) 

They do try to rank for the following keywords that are actually valuable in generating traffic to their website and their orchard. 






You can see that Gilcrease is ranking number one for their own name – this isn’t a goal by the way. People get SO excited when there name is on the first page of Google. This is no great feat. If your business name isn’t on the first page of Google you REALLY have a massive SEO issue.  What they are in the top spot for ( see check marks) and first page for are some terms that meet certain criteria

1. They are location specific – no one is looking for farms in Pahrump or Laughlin. They want Las Vegas search results.

2. They are product specific – in the Fall, people are looking for apples. It’s Autumn’s official fruit.

3. Their off-site SEO game is strong on Facebook and Instagram. Yes – your social media helps your website rank better on Google. It’s all connected!

Seems like Gilcrease is doing pretty good with targeting local search results, right?  Well, there is some room for improvement. While apple’s may be fall’s official fruit – I can ALMOST taste the Thanksgiving Apple Pie already- Pumpkins are fall’s official gourd and they aren’t placing NEARLY as well for Pumpkins as apples and Pumpkins get a LOT more traffic – almost triple the local traffic.

Pumpkin Patch Las Vegas SEO

If I were Gilcrease Orchard – I would get my SEO team on creating some content for my website targeting ALL the fruits and vegetables available on site.  And while we are talking about content – where’s the blog Gilcrease?  A blog is one of the best ways to generate SEO friendly content for your website – Google loves it almost as much as we love apple pie.


To wrap it up. When you are constructing an SEO strategy for your local Las Vegas or Henderson business you want to take some things into consideration.

1. What are people looking for 

2. What are they looking for RIGHT before they take action

3. Only pay attention to point 2 above- that’s where the conversion from looker to action taker happens

4. Make sure you didn’t leave any keywords out ( like pumpkin patches) 

5. Make sure your off-site SEO is aligned with the on-site SEO

6. Make sure you are placing locally – use neighborhood keywords when applicable. 

7. Make sure they aren’t too competitive with other businesses. Think “Casino Las Vegas” as your primary SEO keyword  – yeah there’s a lot of competition there! 

Get some more expert advice about keywords and which to target from Google know-it-all , Neil Patel. Especially if your next step in promoting your site will be in advertising for specific keywords.