Hyper-local keywords are a must when your business serves a small geographic area. When you live in a mid-large sized city like Las Vegas or Henderson it’s how your business gets shown to people when they search for it if :

1. they are located near your business

2. the are searching for a business in a specific area ( say near a business meeting that’s across town from where they are currently located)

You don’t want to compete with all the businesses in your category across Las Vegas and Henderson – you want to compete in a smaller more localized area. That is Hyper-local SEO.

I could go on and on about Hyper-local SEO until your eyes glazed over so I am going to illustrate how this affects your restaurant IRL. when someone wants what you offer where you offer it.  For this example, we are using Korean Restaurants.

In Example 1 here the search phrase used was  – Korean Restaurants Henderson. As you can see a large map area and several korean restaurants were returned for the query.  If you have a Korean restaurant in this area, you’ll have a lot of competition to get them into your establishment. 

In Example 2 here – the search query was more specific.  The phrase used was Korean Restaurants Silverado Ranch.  You can see the map result is much more targeted and the results displayed below the map are fewer. Your number of competitors are fewer too. 

In Example 3 the search phrase is Korean Restaurant.  The results displayed are local to my office. If I were on my cell phone the results would be local to where it was last pinged. As you can clearly see, Google knows EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE – not to creep you out but this is a fact ( and they are probably listening to you right now but it’s a discussion for another day) . and as a side note – Buldogi’s has the best Korean Style hotdog creations anywhere – I don’t know if it’s a “thing” but they are the best #biased.

So, what does this mean for your business. How do you STOP competing with other businesses across the entire Las Vegas Valley and start getting the right people, at the right time, looking AT your business? 

Here are our 3 DIY Hyper -local SEO Tips

1. Use zip codes in your text.  If you are targeting a certain geographical area with more than one zipcode be sure to show them on the pages of your site. For example – Serving 89117, 89135, and 89147 for delivery

2. Use hyper-local neighborhood words. Silverado Ranch, Green Valley Ranch, The Lakes – People tend to use their neighborhood or “near me” in their search querries. 

3. Get Google My Business. See that Map up on top – you want to get on it. Don’t be like the final example below where, apparently, there are no Korean Restaurants in the entire Nellis AFB area.  We have our doubts and would STRONLY encourage our Korean Hotdog favorite, Budogi’s,  to open a location – since it’s a Korean Restaurant desert. Hungry soldiers need Bulgogi Hot Dogs IMO. 

Where are you Korean Restaurants near Nellis AFB, where are you
Seriously, give us a call we can get your business on the map and in the search results!