Client education is one of the most important aspects of building a site. The client needs to understand the capabilities of a site and, when it’s brought to completion, how to use and maintain it.  With the majority of our clients, they only really understand what they want the site to look like and do – and the doing part usually isn’t as well formed a concept as it should be. But that’s OK; it’s our job to take those thoughts and build a website that meets our client’s needs – even the needs they might not have thought of. It’s our “Best Practices” policy, and as Web Consultants and not just Web Designers, we look at the entire playing field and how your business fits into it. We care about good looks, but we care even more about the less sexy elements of design like user experience, search engine optimization, security and reliability. For those reasons, 9 out of 10 times ( actually 9.5 out of 10) we will build your WordPress website with a template. 

Templates have many benefits over from scratch WordPress sitesBut, when the client hears “Template” they immediately think “cookie cutter“- my site is going to look identical to half a billion other sites on the web. Nothing could be truer or farther from the truth.

OK, we see we have confused you. How can a website be both the exact same and entirely different at the same time. 

Through customization.

A template is a framework. If you go to 100 houses in 10 different cities and stripped away the plaster and paint and all the other aesthetics that make a house your home, they would look almost identical. The same is true for 100 websites.  There are certain elements on a website that always go where they go.  if you strip away the aesthetics of a website like photos, icons, color scheme and font,  the framework is identical. So when we build a website with a template that you want to customize – your website will NOT be identical to another website from an outside perspective. It will only be identical where we, the web consultants, are looking and frankly where it counts the most! 

Don’t believe it?



These are frameworks of 3 sites we have built and each one is built on a template, Each site looks pretty identical on the backend. All site use the Divi builder, most of our sites use this builder because it is simple for the client to use on the backend. 

But on the front end they look nothing alike!



Why are Templates better for WordPress Websites

By building from a template we can add, remove and change elements that meet the client’s demands easily – and after it’s built so can the client. This means the client won’t have to depend on us to make simple changes to a website every time they want to swap a photo or even add a new page. We created a template that they can work from. 

WordPress has several updates every year and they are not usually compatible with custom coded sites. This means that something is going to break and you’ll have to go back to the original designer to fix it.  They don’t fix those sites for free.  The average web designer in Las Vegas charges around $50 an hour – how many hours a year do you want to pay to have your site keep up with WordPress updates? 

Because we use a builder and templates – a whole team of designers and coders are making sure that Vegas Web’s sites are compatible with WordPress updates. Far less breakage happens and, when it does, is easy to fix. This saves the client money.

Lastly, the code is clean! This is important to keep your site secure. Free themes and custom coded sites have “backdoors” hackers sneak into and hijack your site.  We use reliable builders and the templates they offer.

Depending on how much customization you want to make to a template, templates can keep the costs very low for a new business website build without sacrificing aesthetics or the functionality and reliability you need. 

We don’t do cookie cutter websites. Your business has a brand (it should) that we will use to build the look and feel of a new website. It will be built on a stable builder, and based on a template to save you money now and down the line.  Depending on what you need, a new website can be built in as few as 2 days from one of our templates and not sacrifice the other important stuff like security, reliability, uptime, or search engine optimization. 


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